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Charity for the greater good Support our work

There’s no such thing as a small amount of donation when it reaches the needy.

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Serving for the future Be a volunteer

Hand in hand, let’s bring a difference to those who have gone through misfortune.

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Showing care, serving others Sponsor a child

Homeless, abandoned, and orphaned children await for your help.

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Welcome to Angels Voice Orphanage

To support, care for, and bring love to the Haitian children who were left homeless, abandoned, and orphaned from the earthquake last January 2010 in Haiti, the orphanage was formed. We advocate for the cause of these helpless youths whose lives were devastated due to the catastrophe. The founder, Milka Fong, together with her husband, works to provide peace, security, love, and hope to the youths housed in the orphanage. Through the orphanage, we are able to help these young ones continue reaching their dreams and hoping for a brighter future.

Extending help, Enriching lives How YOU Can Take Action

You have what it takes to bring back the smile and hope to Haitian people recovering from the devastation brought by the earthquake.

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The kids are doing well and heading to summer vacation. Summer vacation includes: Cooking lessons, art and crafts July 21 - July 26 - Vacation Bible Study

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